Free shipping over $150 - AUS ONLY

Free Shipping Over $150 - AUS ONLY

Slip into some bloody ripper clothing so you can be a true blue Aussie.

G’day, check out our crakin tees, you're gonna love them. Perfect for casual wear to your local pub, shouting your mate a cold tinnie, or pumping iron! We have a wide range of clothing branded with our Aussie icon, the good ole Roo, that’s suitable for bush to beach. Stand out with affordable, quality clothing. Designed for blokes, chicks and tin lids.


Clothing Range

Clothing Range
  • Jackaroos
  • Jillaroos
  • Hats
    • Big Red Hunter Series
  • Sent It! Limited Edition
  • Favourites
  • Roo Crew Bundles
  • Tin Lids

Clothing Range

Aussie Lifestyle

When you buy our clothing, you’re buying into a lifestyle. It’s more than just clothing - it’s a taste of Australian culture. Jump on our social media or check in to our regular blogs to tag along on our journey. We’re taking you from the heart of city life to the outback, from the top of our sunburnt land to the bottom. We’ll show you around our great country from the highland bush lands to the gnarly beach landscapes and give you much more than a clothing experience - it’s gonna be an adventure you’ll want to join us on!

Why the Roo?

We’re proud of our heritage and Aussie icons, including the kangaroo. Native to Australia, the kangaroo icon along with its mate, the Emu, symbolises our Aussie spirit with the nation moving forward because neither animal can move backward very easily. That’s where it aligns with our branding - progressive and moving forward, as well as helping us to pay it forward by looking out for our children.